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    Why Vacations Matter?

    praxis 16 Jan 2022

    How to Survive a Walking Safari in Africa

    praxis 27 Jan 2022

    Why we should explore africa by walking safari?

    There are five species of rhino that can still be found in the wild, namely the black (5000 animals) and white (19000 animals) rhinos of sub-Saharan Africa, the greater one-horned rhino of India, (3500 animals) the Sumatran rhino (80 animals) found on the Indonesian is...

    praxis 27 Jan 2022

    5 of the Best Luxury Safari Lodges

    Whether it’s the ultimate honeymoon holiday or a once-in-a-lifetime getaway with your family and friends, there are a handful of exquisite luxury safari lodges. Scintillating safaris, spectacular scenery and surreal sophistication, s geared perfectly for honeymoon couples...

    praxis 27 Jan 2022

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