Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you choose to travel, there may be a lot of concerns, questions regarding your trip. This section tries to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding your trip.

Most of Praxis Holidays' itineraries are FIT (free independent traveler) private tours. Some tours are group excursions that you can do with others who share your interest in the same location.

When you are travelling with children, each trip can be customised, and we will create your tour based on your preferences.

You can let us know about any special dietary requirements, food allergies, etc., and we'll share that information with our ground handling partners.

We carefully evaluate and make suitable arrangements to support your journey because the majority of our tours are private.

 Your domestic and international flights are not included in the trip fees listed, and each tour package on our website will provide you with a list of flight-related exclusions and inclusions for each tour.

You can view each tour and choose the one you want to book by filling out the form. Our representative will contact you to make arrangements for your tour depending on your choices, including the dates, number of travelers, and other factors.

Before you book a tour with us, we'll provide you with a thorough itinerary paper that includes all the terms and conditions, including the cancellation and refunds process based on the destination. This will tell you of the cancellation and refund restrictions.

Yellow fever vaccinations, for example, are advised depending on your trip destination to keep you safe. For additional information, get in touch with your travel consultant.

We strongly advise buying travel insurance to cover medical emergencies and trip cancellation insurance to pay for non-refundable components in the event of any unforeseen events.


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Where would you like to travel?

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Asia pacific

Where would you like to travel?

India United Arab Emirates Singapore Hong kong Australia Newzealand French Polynesia Indonesia Japan Veitnam Combodia Laos Thailand Israel Turkey Maldives Nepal Sri Lanka Tibet Bhutan jordan

Duration of Your planned trip?

2 - 5 Days 6 - 12 Days More Than 12 Days

What is your budget per person without Airfares?

30,000 INR - 1,50,000 INR 1,50,001 INR - 3,00,000 INR More Than 3,00,001 INR

When are you planning to travel?

This Year Next Year In Future

Which month did you intend to travel?

January - march April - June July - september October - December

Specific experience you would like us to plan for your holiday?

Family Holiday Romantic Holiday Adventure Beaches Heritage Pilgrimage Culture Nature Wlidlife safari's Honeymoon Luxury Holiday

How many of you are planning to travel?

1 - 2 PAX 3 - 6 PAX More Than 6 PAX

Any other additional information you would like us to know?

Let us know if you prefer 4 or 5 star hotel, meal preferences etc.

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